Our Winning

We can't be boring. Our audience is the next generation of leaders - our next clients, colleagues, and partners. They operate differently - and to reach them, we must too. At our events, conversation is the currency and relationships are the goal.

With an equal focus on learning and giving back to the community, we can fuel the minds of the next genration of creative professionals. 

Our Approach

To bring our winning conditions to life, each event take the form of a 'Volume' - a collection of content and physical interactions meant to deliver a curated brand experience. 

Physical, digital, tactile, and social; each Volume will immerse our guests in a topic and facilitate opportunities for them to take that experience to a new level - and have some fun while they're at it.

Giving Back to
the Community

A portion of Ensemble Co's ticket revenue from each event goes to our friends at WE.org.