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 “We are proposing a completely different model that changes nothing but changes everything, and we call it Societalism” Murray Simser, Founder and CEO of CITIZN* said in his opening statement at “Future of Truth” event hosted by Ensemble CO. Simser and his team chose this very thought provoking and vibrant Ensemble community to announce the launch the world’s first Societal Network, CITIZN, Inc. It is designed to connect and inform people and enable them to work together to change the political conversation through action, and frankly cut out all the nonsense, delivering truth. And today more than ever, in a society where the “truth” is heavily influenced by our digital ecosystem, we need to empower people to have direct access to the facts, engage in conversations, and make decisions they care about, based on their own “truth” and not what the political, media, marketing and advertising discourse defines as “truth”.

Kevin Keane shed powerful insights on the “Future of Truth” as one of the speakers at event, where he said “Culture, gender, race, age, experience are all impacting how the mind’s eye sees the world, and our behaviours and decisions are driven by that.” At Citizn, we have created a platform where the truth will be shaped by the diversity of our thoughts and not our unconscious biases, because it will be the people along with all their individual truths and voices that will be influencing the discourse, in real time, all the time.

The digital revolution isn’t the only revolution shaping the “Future of Truth”. There’s a generational revolution happening across the world. Amy Davies VP at ViceCanada spoke of Gen Z and their ultimate quest for the #truth “Gen Z behaviours are anchored in one element: this generation’s search for TRUTH” said Davies. And this Generation demands freedom of expression with 73% of them believing that they need more self expression to live a happy and healthy life. In a society where trust in government and other traditional decision-making institutions has been challenged to the core, we need a new societal order where people are empowered to influence the very institutions they once believed in and voted for. Citizn is looking to create a platform where citizens are engaged in decision-making and empowered to take actions for the collective good.

Time has come to stand up for the truth and preserve our society from the unchecked dangers of “fake news” which have for too long attacked our democracy and freedom of thought Craig Silverman of BuzzFeed news said that “Citizens must reinvent how they consume and interact with information and media — or risk losing touch with reality. Media professionals have a duty to fight fakeness, expose criminality, and enforce standards that support credible media and information.”

We are CITIZN.  You are CITIZN.  Together we will are going to build a more equitable and positive society.  We are hopeful that together we will join forces to create a new model, Societalism, that changes nothing but changes everything. ONWARD.


*The CITIZN beta product will be available in early 2020 for testing across Canada, and then shortly thereafter in the United States. Sign up at



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