Continuing the Conversation

Alison Gibbins, RBC, has sent us some links and resources from our panel discussion:

"We embarked on a good discussion about getting skilled tech professionals who are new to Canada into the right tech jobs.  I’ve had great success hiring through some provincial and federal programs.  For example, at Medcan I hired a IT PMO from Venezuela for a short term internship.  He had 10 years of experience but couldn’t even get interviews.  After the internship (for which he was way overqualified and ended up coaching me), he finally got an offer at Scotia.  Fast forward 3 years, and he was awarded a “best of the best” award at Scotia and has been promoted 3 times.

Here’s some resources for accessing skilled new Canadians and programs.  Many are free to the employer and only require your time and mentorship.  I hope you will check them out!"


Guide for hiring immigrants:

Federal Internship for New Comers:

Provincial program for newcomers:

List of GTA based immigrant employment programs:


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