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Volume 12

How EnsembleCo pivoted from Live Events to Virtual Volumes to Increase Audience Attendance, Geographical Reach, and Engagement.


EnsembleCo started with the vision of bringing executive-level learning experiences to younger, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs at a fraction of the price.


In the 4* years of building EnsembleCo, we have been able to spark a community of voices that looks to us for fast-paced business learning in a fun & entertaining format. When the pandemic hit, we knew that this role was more important than ever. 


While EnsembleCo began as a physical event series, This pandemic has had a ripple effect throughout our society, impacting every industry in ways that will benefit us long after we’ve heard the last of the pandemic. We’ve watched as businesses and organizations have pivoted to adapt to the changing needs of consumers during a pandemic. EnsembleCo, a learning company is no different. 


To achieve our goal of increasing attendee reach and size, we decided to realign our vision and KPI’s, expand our team, and execute real-time agility. 


This approach helped us reach the learning-minded professionals we needed to, but also expanded the show life span long after the volume went live.



Realigned Visions + KPI’s


We wanted to grow our audience attendance from 250 people during the live shows, to 1000+ for our virtual volume. Realigning our goals and KPI’s for our virtual volume helped us create a checklist of metrics we could use to plan for success.

Executed Real-Time Agility


For Volume 12, we opted for a mix of both

pre-recorded and live content, with the help of slick packaging that naturally weaved the content together. Using a live host that we could cut back to in between our pre-recorded segment helped keep the show feeling current and engaging.


Amber Mac from Amber Mac Media was our live host that gave the show a sense of immediacy, keeping the story flowing during the show. Utilizing a live host gave us the opportunity to adapt to an agile framework, evolving the show’s demands and solutions through collaborative efforts and cross-functional teams.

Team & Content Expansion


We set out to expand not only our working team behind the scenes but our content partners who help provide value during the virtual volume. By pivoting to a virtual volume were able to increase the quality of content and gain new national support and awareness with speakers like Guy Kawasaki and Ben Feist, Data Visualisation Software Engineer for NASA.


Behind the scenes our growing team was vital for the success of the show, working alongside award-winning producer Byron Wong to help plan for success. We utilized motion graphics, dynamic on-screen information, and transitions that helped keep the show tight and impactful.


Our production during the show was a vital and key component that helped align our first virtual volume with the quality our audience expects from our live Volumes.

Amber Mac
Michael Fisher
Byron Wong 

Host & Coproducer 

Live Packaging 

Digital Production



While our live volumes were a great launching point for learning our audience’s attention span and viewing habits. We knew that the pivot into digital would allow us to take what we learned from the live format and package it a fun and engaging way that would feel native to our digital audience.


In our first virtual volume, we have seen tremendous outreach of support and engagement from our community, showing a large spike in views, visitors, and engagements, proving our audiences' willingness to adapt and continue the quest for learning and self-improvement.

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