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December 7 & 8

Ideas and belief systems around luxury have fundamentally changed over the last two years. 

Conspicuous consumerism has been altered as shoppers have new benchmarks from which they define products and services that they aspire to.  Audiences continue to shift in their views and values around what is valued.  Values, values, and capital align to drive aspirations in culture. 


Ensemble will take the pulse of where culture and capital are meeting to highlight opportunities around what’s next.  

As we look to what’s next, we see value being defined through the lenses of time, health and experience. With experts from the worlds of fashion, e-commerce, pop culture and finance, our discussions will help our next generation leaders understand where trends and opportunities lie in the future. 


Sneak peek: it’s not about money and things.  It’s about personal opportunity and definition.

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Highlights drop December 7 at 4pm.  Full interviews on December 8.




Highlights drop December 7 at 4pm.  Full interviews on December 8.

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Corrie Jackson, RBC Senior Curator, joined RBC in 2014, overseeing the management and strategy of the RBC Corporate Art Collection. Previ ously she worked at the University of Toronto art Museum, at Sotheby’s Canada, and as an independent curator. She finished her Masters in Visual Studies, Curatorial Practice at the University of Toronto with a focus on contemporary Canadian artists. Her curatorial interests focus on cross-generational dialogues and developing the role of collections as accountable and inclusive narratives.



Christina Posa, Vice Media Group

Jesse Eisenhorn, StockX

Corrie Jackson, RBC

StockX Panel Discussion

Robert Klopot, The Forest Hill Group



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From the very beginning, Connection has been a key ingredient to the Ensemble experience.  Back in the day we brought people together in person (remember those days?) but commutes are so 2019. 


With each Volume we turn to our digital networking platform to build new connections for our audience and create opportunities for learning, mentorship and unforgettable conversations.  

So clear your calendar for one of our upcoming opportunities or just follow along on social for all the highlights from top thought leaders, exciting partner organizations and more.



EnsembleCo is bringing our digital learning series to a select group of university students to facilitate a student-led conversation with today's thought leaders and experts.




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