Volume 2:
Make Way for Gen Z



Adventurer, author, and activist Spencer West joins the Ensemble!



David and Jonah Stillman

Gen Z is here.  Are you ready?

  • They were born between 1995 and 2012.

  • At 72.8 million strong, Gen Z is about to make its presence known in the workplace in a major way

  • They’re radically different than Millennials, with an entirely unique perspective on careers and how to succeed in the workforce.

Generational expert David Stillman and his Gen Z son, Jonah, tell you what you need to know and why Gen Z matters to you.  

NEWS FLASH:  Jonah's teaching Vikings how to be cool.  Check it out!


More special guests to be announced soon!

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September 26, 2017
The Great Hall, Longboat Room
Keynote: David and Jonah Stillman


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David Stillman
Jonah Stillman
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About Our Speakers

David Stillman     @Genzguru

For nearly 20 years, David has been researching, writing, consulting and primarily speaking about the generations for organizations ranging from the IRS to MTV.  He coauthored the best sellers When Generations Collide and The M-Factor: How the Millennials Are Rocking the Workplace. He appeared as a generational expert on CNN, CNBC, and the Today show and in national publications including TIME magazine, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and USA Today.

David has won gold medals at the NY Film Festival, the much coveted CLIO Award, and most recently was named as one of 200 People to Watch by the Business Journal as well as one of the Power50 in his home state of MN.

Diane Sawyer from ABC News said it best, “Whether you’re a tie-dyed preppie or a starched-shirt Traditionalist, David will help you see the world through the eyes of another generation.”

David is excited to help companies get ahead of the next great gap!

(OK, he is also psyched to be speaking with his Gen Z son.)


Jonah Stillman

He’s an eighteen-year-old high school student and currently the youngest speaker on the national lecture circuit. He has already shared his insights with a variety of companies and industries as well as contributed to stories about Gen Z with MSNBC, CBS, and Fast Company. Jonah is a nationally ranked alpine snowboarder and has served as an ambassador for the international nonprofit WE, traveling to Kenya and Ecuador to build schools.

Jonah and a team of peers conducted one of the first national surveys about Gen Z’s attitudes towards the workplace. The eye-opening results ignited Jonah’s interest in keeping the dialogue going. He is excited to be the voice of his generation and offer companies and organizations a heads-up about our next generation gaps.

(OK, he’s also psyched to be speaking with his Gen X dad.)

NEWS FLASH:  Jonah's teaching Vikings how to be cool.  Check it out!


Spencer West      @spencer2thewest

The life of visionary and activist Spencer West has been marked by both obstacles and triumph. After losing both legs from the pelvis down at the age of five, he entered a world that might have easily defeated him. Instead, he tackled challenge after challenge, learning to navigate in a world set against those with

Spencer’s words and actions have encouraged millions to stand up, face challenges and embrace change. Everyone leaves with pertinent lessons they can apply to redefine what their possible is.

Spencer’s incredible story is documented in both film and print. His journey is featured in the documentary Redefine Possible: The Story of Spencer West, which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival and in his book Standing Tall: My Journey.

► Recognized by the United States congress for his contributions to society
► Main stage keynote speaker YPO/WPO Global Summit in Istanbul, Turkey
► Climbed and summited Mount Kilimanjaro on his hands and wheelchair, raising funds to help provide clean water to more than 12,500 people for life
► Completed an epic 300 km (187 mile) trek on his hands and wheelchair from Edmonton to Calgary
► Man in Motion Medal Bearer for the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay
► Opened for Demi Lovato on her World Tour (North American leg of the tour)
► Serves as an international leadership facilitator in countries around the world

(OK, he's psyched to speaking with David and Jonah.)

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