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There was a time when the symbol of education was an apple on a teachers desk, but we’re quickly becoming a world where it might be the Apple on your laptop. 

The internet has paved the way for efficient and high quality digital learning opportunities while the traditional education hierarchy continues to raise tuition through the roof yet bring almost no added to the student for those costs.

Organizations are now developing their own approach to train, re-certify and re-deploy their workforces which only further complicates their relationship with the historical mainstays of education.

Mix that in with the collision of a massive (baby) boom of retiring workers who are healthier than any generation before them and looking to continue learning into their golden years, and an incoming workforce of digital natives who are more predisposed to remote access than any generation before them - and you have a recipe for change.

Join us for our second Virtual Volume as we bring together voices from across the world of learning and education for a discussion about our collective evolution into a digitally-connected, ‘always learning’ society.


Ensemble.  You’re part of something bigger

OCTOBER 8, 2020

4:30 PM

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