Volume 1:
The Digitalization of Play - eSports and Gaming

JUST ANNOUNCED!                                               

The Toronto Raptors Launch FIRst eSports Franchise

Aalum Jaffer, Marketing Manager, Global Partnerships, MLSE

Aalum joins us to share information on MLSE's foray into eSports with an overview of our eSports strategy & the NBA 2K opportunity.


Hayley Macfarlane, Executive Director, WorldGaming

In this presentation Hayley Macfarlane, Executive Director of Toronto-based e-Sports tournament platform, WorldGaming, will provide an overview of the growing industry of eSports and its arrival in North America.  Brands and advertisers, media, and traditional and mainstream sports leagues are paying attention globally.  Should you?

We're also really excited to present a special surprise guest; an Ambassador from WE Day, to inspire you with her work and give you an insight into the charity that Ensemble supports.


May 17 2017      6:30 - 9:00pm
Longboat Hall, The Great Hall 1087 Queen Street West
Keynote: Hayley Macfarlane, WorldGaming Network


May 18 at 3:00pm:  Tickets are no longer being sent via text.  Your name will be on our guest list at the door.