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September 24, 2019
WE Global Learning Centre
339 Queen Street East


At the end of 2018 there were 2,754 billionaires worldwide, nearly double the 1,426 reported only 5 years earlier in 2013. 


The wealth and the opportunity to create wealth in our world is clearly on a dramatic rise but just as dramatic is the diversification of the face of that wealth, how it's created, and what those who posses it choose to do with their riches.


Everything from the definition of luxury, to the affordability of housing, to the standard for future monetary currencies and beyond is in flux and for all the opportunities this presents, there are also perils. 


But don't go selling off your bitcoin and hiding the cash under your mattress just yet - because as always, at Ensemble we've got your back.


We're once again bringing together a diverse group of expert practitioners and commentators to leave no (gem) stone un-turned as we explore the issue to deliver to our faithful audience everything you need to know to understand the issue, and it's impact on our selves, our businesses and our society.


  • Is the 1% divide only widening through the proliferation of 'old money'? 

  • Could the new wave of billionaire philanthropy become the norm, driven by an increasingly diverse group new breed of the super-rich?

  • In what ways will the internet's ability to give entrepreneurs tools unlike any time in impact the creation of new kinds of wealth?

  • What ripple effects will the rising presence of crypto-currencies have in a world still based on the tried and tested standard of gold?

  • Where will consumer trends evolve to in traditional 'luxury' product categories to reflect the shifting cultural landscape? 

  • And how will rising trends in student debt and the difficulties in financing first time home purchases change the very definition of wealth for youth?


To be a part of these and a wealth of other discussions that will define where we're moving as a society and beyond, plan to join us on September 24 at the WE Global Learning Centre for our 9th Volume - we know it's an investment you won't regret making.


Event Details

September 24, 2019

WE Global Learning Centre 

339 Queen Street East 

6:30 PM



Dan 2017.png

dan coates


Dan is president and co-founder of Ypulse, a leading authority on youth. While he was born in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, he now calls New York home.


Ypulse produces syndicated and custom research, surveying tweens, teens and twenty-somethings via, a proprietary online community of consumers aged 13 to 37. 


Google, Facebook, Epic Games, Viacom and YouTube are but a few of the companies that rely on Ypulse to help them understand and engage with young consumers.

Dawn Desjardins.jpg

Dawn Desjardins

Vice President, Deputy Chief Economist at RBC Royal Bank

Dawn Desjardins joined the RBC Economics team in January 2006. She is a key contributor to the macroeconomic forecasts for Canada and the U.S. and is part of a team that is responsible for the interest rate forecasts for both countries. Dawn delivers economic analysis to RBC’s clients through a variety of publications and presentations. She is often interviewed by media from across North America to discuss developments in the economy and financial markets.

Prior to joining RBC, Dawn worked as a reporter for Bloomberg Financial News in Toronto covering the Canadian bond and currency markets and was the Canadian bond market strategist for a major U.S. bank for ten years. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto.

Nazra Headshot2.jpg


COMMUNITY MANAGER, The knowledge society

Nazra is on the Board of Directors of WE, Canada's largest social enterprise. She's also done research into machine learning for self driving cars, and brain computer interfaces.


For the past year, she's been the Community Manager at The Knowledge Society, an Olympic-level training program for young people trying to solve the world's hardest problems. Nazra has led all things operational to their expansion TKS' expansion to Boston, Ottawa, Las Vegas, and New York. She's always learning and loves to nerd out about psychology, and philosophy. She's spoken at various conferences hosted by Microsoft, Deloitte, and PwC. She also happens to only be 18 years old! 

The Knowledge Society.jpg
Jaclyn Holdsworth.jpg

Jaclyn holdsworth

Jaclyn Holdsworth is a first year Arts and Science student at McMaster university, with a passion for both the sciences and the humanities. She has been involved in her community from a young age volunteering, collecting supplies, and raising funds and awareness for causes such as cancer research and clean water projects.


Jaclyn is excited to continue to contribute to her community in new and exciting ways through the next chapter of her life.

Lein Headshot.JPG


Lein Charkatli is a first year Life Sciences Student at McMaster University. She graduated from the Ontario Science Centre Science School for her grade 12 studies. She actively volunteers in her community in Mississauga, most notably at the YMCA Employment Centre.


Lein is aiming to specialize in the Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization Program to apply her passion for science and learning towards biomedical research to develop feasible and sustainable cures for diseases. She hopes to continue bridging between her interests in science and volunteerism.


Angela De La Cruz is an Ontario Certified Teacher, Dancer, Choreographer and Make Up Artist. Her passion for dance  has extended over Ontario performing and choreographing for various local events with Toronto-based talent, Dance Companies and recently teaching classes with Find Your Fierce, where a heavy emphasis is put on empowering men and women to "find their fierce" and encourage them to gain confidence while getting fit! 


Angela is also a freelance make up artist having worked on various video projects in Toronto for dance companies, music artists and modelling projects. 

Her philanthropic works have included travelling abroad to volunteer her time in Tanzania, working on local fundraising efforts to support WE Charity's We Walk For Water Campaign and partaking in City Mogul's Annual Events. 


We're proud of our association with the WE Global Learning Centre and now we invite you to be part of it, too.  

The WGLC is open for public rentals.  Proceeds from venue rentals go directly to support WE Charity.


Thank you to all of our partners who help us create something bigger.


Thank you to all of our partners who help us create something bigger.

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