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Ensemble is a Toronto-based live and digital experience delivering business conversations, content, and networking for the next generation of leaders, creators, and entrepreneurs.

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So how do

we do it? 

With humble beginnings on a west-end rooftop in 2013, Ensemble started with the vision of bringing executive-level  learning experiences to younger, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs at a fraction of the price.

The notion of the word “ensemble” harkens to the early days of jazz, when members of a creative group would take turns “solo’ing,” with no pre-determined leader or follower. Members of ensembles are wired to set others up for success, make the other person look good, and welcome new people to evolving communities. 

Canada is built on empowering people and enabling businesses: and as our world changes on a daily basis, members of Canada’s next generation of leaders and thinkers need faster access to tools, business trends, insights, and real-time conversation in fun and engaging ways that reflect a deep understanding of specific regions and audiences. 

Whether in live or digital environments, Ensemble Volumes explore the future of a specific topic through diverse perspectives, stories, and conversation. Content incorporates a forward-thinking  futurist perspective (i.e. The Future of Canada, The Future of Work, The Future of Food, The Future of Wellness, etc…), offering insights from Canadian national thought leaders across a broad spectrum of industries and categories, fostering genuine learning about topics in the zeitgeist, enabling self improvement / professional development, and delivering best-in-class production.


While the series aims to bridge the gap between Canada’s existing establishment and emerging thinkers, the series doesn’t take itself too seriously. Ensemble "walks the walk" in knowing our audience’s attention span, viewing habits, and desire for fast-paced business learning in a fun & entertaining format at a production facility built to engage young audiences: Toronto's WE Global Learning Centre. 


Meet our dynamic team of individuals within booming sectors of the industry such as: Out-of-Home, Branded Content, Brand Experience, Communications, Social Media, Marketing, and Finance. 

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