MARCH 5, 2020
WE Global Learning Centre
339 Queen Street East


As our world continues to grow so do our appetites.  And as we move past the 7 Billion mark in global population, the challenges and even moral dilemmas in the path to feeding everyone are only on the grow and the traditional agriculture industry alone doesn't seem to be the solution.


But never before in human history have we been more invested in finding solutions to these challenges.  From the rise of “agriculture 4.0” to the sustainability demands being placed on our largest food processors by consumers, and from the work in the scientific community to build a “better meal” in a lab, to the efforts in developing nations simply to put a meal on the table and beyond, everything is in flux.


Of course with massive change comes important questions to consider, and as always, Ensemble has your back.


Can the recent promises of the fast food and  CPG industries to meet the demands of healthier and more sustainable diets be realized?

Will we be able to find new ways to feed our growing population as climate change begins to significantly impact agriculture around the globe?

Are "Beyond Meat" and their industry competitors truly a solution with people's best interest in mind or just a marketing ploy?

Has the Canada Food Guide that we grew up with steered us wrong all these years?  

And is "GMO" still a 4 letter word in a world where it's becoming one of our most viable paths to global food sustainability?


To get your fill of impactful discussions of these questions and more, join us for our first Volume of a new decade as we explore one of the topics that will define our world for the next 10 years and beyond.  


We'll be sure to satisfy your hunger for thought provoking conversation and leave you full of opinions on this vital topic.



Event Details

March 5, 2020

WE Global Learning Centre 

339 Queen Street East 

6:30 PM




Michelle Jaelin is a TV and digital media storyteller, licensed registered dietitian, food content developer and President of; a creative food brand and blog focused on sharing cultural cuisine stories, practical nutrition and cooking tips. Michelle brings credible and trustworthy nutrition advice to television, digital media, print, radio and podcast.


Michelle is called “The Nutrition Artist” because she earned both a Bachelor of Applied Science in Nutrition and Food and an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts. She earned her registered dietitian license after graduating from the Aramark Canada Dietetic Internship Program.

Michelle appears on Global TV, Breakfast Television Toronto, CTV News, and CHCH Morning Live. She was a TEDx Speaker and is regularly sought after for her engaging corporate nutrition and wellness seminars.


Michelle resides in Hamilton with her spouse and rescue pup. Follow her @nutritionartist on Twitter and Instagram. ​



Nick Rose is a Montreal-based writer who covers food, crime, pop culture, and their occasional overlap.


As Canadian staff writer for VICE’s Munchies vertical, Nick wrote about a wide array of issues surrounding food, from sustainable seafood and the impact of climate change on Canada’s wine industry to the perils of mishandling avocados and the criminal dark side of pizza. 


He is also the founder and co-creator of Smoke Show hot sauce.



As Senior Program and Resource Coordinator, Mercedes  is integral to the coordination of AgScape’s Teacher Ambassador Program, which sends Ontario Certified Teachers into grade 7 – 12 classrooms to deliver free agri-food lessons.


She holds a Masters of Teaching degree from the University of Toronto and has always had a passion for fostering the learning of food literacy and environmental stewardship.  She's a life-long learner and encourages today’s teachers and youth to take active roles in the agri-food sector. She loves hiking, learning French, and swimming.

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