DECEMBER 9,  2020

The Future of WELLNESS

According to PwC, in early 2020 only 56% of people in North America believe they are in ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ health although 78% have changed their diet following a conversation with a healthcare professional with 80% of people believing the market is flooded with conflicting or confusing information.


In the US, 49% of citizens own a wearable fitness device and 78% of employers have a corporate wellness program.  At the same time in Canada, the government has estimated that mental health places a $51 Billion annual burden on our economy.


Pre-pandemic, the Global wellness tourism industry emerged as a $639 Billion dollar industry with the worldwide spa market is expected to be worth $154.6 Billion by 2022. 


As we collectively try to figure it all out, the Global wellness industry has grown to be worth $4.2 Billion per year.  That’s more than half of global spending on healthcare, according to the WHO – and with annual growth approaching 7%, it’s showing no signs of slowing down…


With all of this growth amidst so much confusion, there’s a lot to monitor - pun intended.  Luckily, you can feel well in knowing that, as always, at Ensemble we’ve got your back.


Join us on December 9 as we go to the most zen place we’ve ever taken you to as we ask questions like:


  • How are industries like physical fitness and tourism innovating to meet with increasing and varied demands?


  • What are the advances in science in technology that are driving our understanding of wellness?


  • How are the forces of media and social media exacerbating our challenges and driving personal decisions?


  • Which alternative treatments, methods and mindsets are vying to define the evolution of our own understanding of ourselves?


  • And what is the impact of all of this on our homes, our workplaces, and the future wellbeing of our country?


As businesses and brands join medical professionals and of course moms in the ever accelerating quest to ensure our personal wellness, join us as we bring this conversation in the way that only Ensemble can, exploring the mental, physical and spiritual trends that are driving The Future of Wellness in Canada and across the world.

Ensemble.  You’re part of something bigger.

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December 9, 2020


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