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MAY 26, 2020

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The Future of WOrk

Volume 12 is our first VIRTUAL ENSEMBLE




The way we work is constantly evolving.

200 years ago over 50% of the world was employed in agriculture.  Today in most countries that number is under 10% and closer to 2%.  

In the last 40 years the productivity of tech jobs have increased 37% more than the average of all other industries.

And in the last few weeks absolutely everything has changed.

But as always, at Ensemble - we've got your back.

In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, it's more important than ever for us to be asking questions, learning, and coming together.  And with the workplace now hurled into a level of instantaneous disruption we'd never have previously imagined, it felt like the perfect subject to address.

So for the first time in Ensemble history, you can join us for a virtual discussion unlike any you've previously experienced. 


As always, we'll tackle powerful questions like:


  • What are our largest - and smallest - businesses doing to re-discover "business as usual"?

  • How do businesses with only virtual workers build a company culture?

  • Which tools and routines are emerging as the new best practices and how do we harness them?

  • And what if our current state situation would've occurred in the age of dial up internet?  Or even before?


We'll bring all of this to your living room, and do it all in the Ensemble style - packed with insights from experts, discussion and a few of our trademark surprises.  


So all in all things could be a lot better.  A lot more normal.  But they could be worse - we're figuring it out.  


And we're coming together.  


And that's why we believe there's no better time than to come together for the first time as a virtual Ensemble family.


Join us as we explore how people and businesses are finding new ways to survive and thrive with a level of innovation and ingenuity that will benefit long after we've heard the last of COVID-19.


We always say at Ensemble, that you're part of something bigger. 


And that's never been more true than now.



MAY 26  |  4:30PM



Pay What You Can donations will support Food Banks Canada and the Ensemble Internship Initiative.

Image by Alex Knight
Amber Mac.jpg

amber mac

digital innovator, author, journalist, ambermac media

Amber Mac(Arthur) started her career in San Francisco and Boston during the dot-com boom. As a strategist for Razorfish and Director of Marketing for an e-procurement software company, she spent four years in the technology start-up trenches.

Amber left the start-up world to join Microsoft to build one of the first female-focused lifestyle portals. In 2006, she started her own digital agency. The company’s first client was world-renowned business coach, Tony Robbins, and now includes Microsoft, Google, GE, Paypal, Nintendo, Canada Goose, and Fast Company, and many more leading organizations. In 2010, she wrote the national bestselling business book Power Friending . In 2016, she co-wrote Amazon bestseller, Outsmarting Your Kids Online. Most recently, she started co-hosting a new podcast series, presented by Accenture, called Marketing Disrupted

She is a regular business host and expert for Fast Company, CNN, Bloomberg, CBS, BNN, CTV, The Marilyn Denis Show, and SiriusXM Radio. Plus, in 2018, she was named one of DMZ’s 30 inspirational women making a difference in tech. In 2019, her podcast The AI Effect won Best Technology Series.

As a child, Amber attended a two-room country schoolhouse and shared a party telephone line with neighboring houses. She is now recognized internationally as an innovation and technology leader.

Laura Pearce.jpg



Laura Pearce is responsible for connecting Canadian consumers & customers to what’s happening in the world via Twitter. 


Prior to joining Twitter Canada, Laura held senior marketing and digital content roles with prominent media and publishing companies, including Blue Ant Media, AOL Canada, Canwest (now Postmedia) and Dell Canada. 

Laura lives in Toronto and has 2 children. She has an M.A. in literature and is an avid skier and runner.

Ben Feist.jpg


Data Visualization Software Engineer, NASA

Ben Feist is a data visualization software engineer working at NASA's Johnson Space Center in the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science (ARES) Division, and at Goddard Space Flight Center in the Planetary Geology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry Lab.

Over a 20+ year career in the interactive industry, Ben ran the technology discipline within some of the largest and most creative agencies in the world including TAXI, Blast Radius, and most recently, Wunderman Thompson.

Ben is the Apollo program historian behind the interactive websites, and, multimedia web experiences that recreate Apollo missions in real time. These web experiences have been recognized around the world as engaging pieces of new media that utilize the potential of the Internet in a novel way to recreate history.

Ben was also part of the team behind the acclaimed documentary IMAX film, Apollo 11. Ben lead the restoration of 11,000 hours of mission control audio that was used to bring sound to the silent archival footage for the first time.

Ben's work at NASA focuses on future missions, solving the many data management and visualization challenges that will face us when humanity ventures towards a sustained presence on other planets.

Rachel Kelly, Make Lemonade.jpg



Rachel is the Chief Lemon behind the coworking community, Make Lemonade. Whether the CEO or starting your first internship, she believes everyone deserves to feel like a boss. Since inception, her mission is to create, dream & get sh*t done. 

Make Lemonade.png

Thank you to all of our partners who help us create something bigger.

conor holler
Experience & Innovation Consultant, PwC

Conor is a digital strategy consultant at PwC. His work is focused on helping organizations identify the right problems and opportunities, developing solutions, and supporting implementation and transformation. Outside of consulting Conor produces digital media projects, and has collaborated with leading production companies, broadcasters, and distributors to create award-winning experiences for web, mobile, AR/VR, and film, TV, and radio.

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