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Here's a quick walkthrough on how to access our broadcast using

We're excited to present Volume 14 using a new platform called  It's web-based, so you don't need to download anything.  

Here's how to get in!

1. Check your email 

You're looking for an email that looks like this:


Can't find it?  No problem!  Go to our Venue ticket page and get it resent to you!

2. Open the message and click your unique link 


3. Go through the tech check 

You'll be asked to set up your camera and microphone for a seamless viewing experience.


For the best event experience, you will need:

  • A laptop or desktop.

  • The latest version of Chrome or Firefox.

  • A webcam and mic (allow permissions if your browser prompts you).

  • Earbuds or headphones to prevent audio issues.

  • A good internet connection with no VPN or firewall restrictions.


You can join the event from your phone or tablet, but for the best experience, we strongly recommend joining from a laptop or desktop. On Android devices, use the Chrome browser, and on iOS, use Safari.

4. Need more help?

Contact the support team at

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